Miracle Foundation (Garuda Recovery) is drug and alcohol treatment facility located in Bangalore, the IT capital and spiritual centre in India. It is One stop Half way home with customized quality services with love and affection in Bangalore. The mainstay of treatment includes one of three important drugs/alcohol/MAS counselling, planning and preventing withdrawals under supervision, and regular monitoring & assessment.
We offers a broad range of Customized treatment options, accommodations and specialized treatment tracks. Our main focus is to design a treatment program that caters to each patient and their needs and make their sobriety by their willingness instead of a forced treatment in enclosed place. All clients receive intensive group therapy sessions, drug/alcohol education, family therapy, individual therapy sessions, a physical check-up and most important is the relapse prevention. Follow up care and extended care is also offered.

But our approach to this is different. We keep this patient in places called Half Way Home where they can interact in society like normal people and give them complete access. The process starts with counselling them with our invented techniques

Counseling, Detoxification, Drug / Alcoholic Addiction Treatment, Out &In Patient, Half Way Home, Customized Residential Rehabilitation, for Men, Women center in Posh Locality (Society complex) with Female Staff only, Psychotherapy and Behavior therapy.

We have some innovative process towards recovery and give customized package to recover from dependency of all mood altering substances. We don’t use the isolation techniques of putting the already suffered man in Iron Cages which deprives the freedom.